Tour de Queens

SUNDAY, JULY 6, 2014


Registration for the Tour de Queens is closed.

We’re sorry, but we have reached our full capacity, and cannot accept any more registrations online or in person. There will be no registrations allowed on the morning of the tour either.

The entire tour is conducted in the classic Tour de Queens style. The tour will move en masse as a rolling parade escorted by the New York City Police Department. While there are no actual street closures, the NYPD and Transportation Alternatives' volunteer safety marshals will block or "cork" traffic intersections to allow the Tour to roll through. There will be occasional stops while the NYPD and marshals secure intersections and gather riders.

The tour moves, on average, at a family-friendly pace of about 10 mph. Registration is limited to 1,250 participants.

Refund Policy
We are sorry, but as a charitable event, we do not offer refunds on registration.